We Know How To Deliver It

Our team consists of qualified specialists – industrial designers, engineers and other experts, who work together with broad network of specialized partners therefore we can offer the best solutions for your ideas. Over 5 years of experience working on different projects allows us to deliver various project just in the way you would want it.

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We know sometimes you only need a professional consultation to have your work done in timely and cost effective manner.

Considering the needs of the client, we can provide the consultations regarding construction, design, production, choice of the material for the product and other question.

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Sketching and idea generating

The whole process of the production starts with understanding of client’s needs.

We can help to formulate the goals of your project and set the KPI’s to measure solutions.

Project goals can later be used in technical CE file for the marking. In addition, we can prepare the sketches for the future product.

3D Design

Technical drawings are one of the core elements used in tools and mechanism production.

Compared to 2D, 3D design stands out because these drawings are created in 3D dimension therefore they can be assessed and evaluated more easily and in more detailed way, allowing to avoid mistakes in tge production.

Drawings made in 3D allows client to see the product prior to the production and helps to avoid mistakes as well as saves time and financial resources.

Finite element analysis

A good product must be prepared for the circumstances and situations it will be used in.

Our team can conduct various tests (static, dynamical and others) to assess the product even before it has been produced.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are one of the elements which guarantee smooth production process. Detailed and relevant drawings is the foundation to the successful production and ensures smooth process as well as provides the product which meets client’s needs.

Prototypes production

Prototype allows to evaluate future product in depth as well as helps to prepare it for the production.

Having extensive experience within this field we can offer our clients various methods of prototypes production: from 3D printing from producing prototypes in silicon forms made in vacuum to milling.


We can meet every client’s needs and produce metal details in various shapes and sizes.

Plastic Manufacturing

We can offer services in producing various plastic details and elements production.


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